Life is mundane, routine and boring. All of us, wake up, bathe, eat, sleep, entertain ourselves and move through life’s events, mostly in a trance and years later, realise we haven’t done anything worthwhile. Everyone’s life is the same.

Study in childhood, Enjoy in Adolescence and Work Hard in our Adult years. Some will marry and other mull over missing it. Some will be inundated with responsibility of raising children and others may lament about not having them. Some will become sick and die while others will leave in their sleep. Some will live alone while others surrounded by family members. In this melodrama of life, we may feel as if we are pushed and pulled in all directions, involuntarily.

In this rigmarole of contusions and confusions, the one thing we have to learn is to pause. To pause is not to cease, but to add meaning to this mundane life. In this existence, we have to learn to exist, or years will rush by and we may be left feeling unhappy that nothing much was achieved.

Life is like a Canvas, it has to be filled with personalised meaningful images to make it appreciable. So, the question is, what are we all doing in life, to make it more meaningful. Each of us have been given a palette ( fingers) colors ( senses) and brushes ( tools) We have been given experiences and situations in which we can think, feel and behave in a unique manner.

Today during the pandemic, we have a wonderful opportunity to test ourself. We can choose to wake up late, eat irregularly, watch a movie every night and sleep in la la land. We can sit around and walk around and sleep around day after day. We can chat about how this pandemic has ruined our happiness and crib all day. We can decide to live normally and work normally, disbelieving that anything has changed or decide to make changes.

So, now friends we have a chance to add meaning in our lives. To stretch and exercise your brain tissues and use the some more of the infinite potential of our neural circuitry. Learn what you missed, Teach with technology and Read vociferously. Decide to meditate ….. … Some colour is being added to life.

There are now two clear choices-
First one, Sit around aimlessly and second, Aim while you sit around. Add meaning to this mundane existence so that when we step out after the pandemic, we may actually experience happiness within. Our vision and mission both will be crystal clear. There will be a skip in our gait and a tinkle in our eye. We would be actually in the process of discovering the New Normal for we will Embody It Ourself!

No more Discounting Self!

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