Release your expectations…

People spend most of their lives offended by what someone did to them. The surprising revelation that I am going to make to you is going to change your life … No one has offended you! It is your expectations of what you expected from those people, the ones that hurt you …

And expectations are created by your thoughts. They are not real. They are imaginary. If you expected your parents to give you more love and they didn’t give it to you, you don’t have to be offended.
It is your expectations of what an ideal father should have done to you that were violated. Your ideas are what hurt you.

If you expected your partner to react in this or that way and he did not … Your partner has done nothing to you. It is the difference between the attentions you hoped he had with you and those he really had, those that hurt you. Again, that’s in your imagination. Angry at God? It is your beliefs about what God should do that hurt you. God never offends or hurts anyone. A habit requires all its parts to function. If you lose one,
habit breaks down.

The habit of being offended by what others do to you (no one really does anything to you) will disappear when you know better the source of the “offenses”.

When we are born, we are authentic
But our true nature is artificially suppressed and replaced by concepts that our parents, society and television teach us. And they create a fake novel of how things should be in all aspects of your life and how others should act.

One of the biggest sources of offense is trying to impose one person’s point of view on another and guide your life. When you tell him what to do and he says “no”, you create resentments twice.

First, you feel offended because he didn’t do what you wanted.

Second, the other person is offended because you did not accept them as they are. And it is a vicious circle. All people have the divine right to guide their lives as they please. They learn from their mistakes by themselves. Let them be ! nobody belongs to you.

People are a mighty river. Any attempt to catch them will hurt you. Love them, enjoy them and let them go.

💜Understand that no one has offended you. It is your ideas about how people and God should act that hurt you. These ideas are the product of a social mask, which you have learned from your childhood unconsciously. Recognize that most people will NEVER square with those ideas you have. Because they have theirs.

💜Let people Be. Let them guide their lives as they please. It’s their reaponsability. Give them advice if they ask, but allow them to make their decisions. It is your divine birthright: free will and liberty.

No one belongs to you. Not your parents, friends or partners. We all belong to nature’s gear. Let things flow without resisting them. Live and let live.

💜Stop thinking too much. Be open to the possibility of new experiences. Don’t use your inventory. Open your eyes and see the flow of life as it is. When you clean your vision from dark glasses and take them off, the result is vision cleaning.

Perfection does not exist. Neither the father, friend, perfect couple. It is a concept created by the human mind that you can understand on an intellectual level, but in reality it DOES NOT EXIST. Because it is an imaginary concept. A perfect forest would be pure trees, Sun, not bugs … does it exist ? No. For a fish, the perfect sea would be one where there are no predators, is there ? No.

Only on an intellectual level. In reality it will NEVER EXIST.

Naturally, the fish can only enjoy reality. Any frustration that the sea is not what it wants it to be is pointless. Stop resisting that people are not what you want or do not think like you. Accept people as the fish accepts the sea and love them as they are.

💜Enjoy life. Real life is more beautiful and exciting than any idea you have in the world.

💜Imagine that person who offended you in the past. Imagine that both are comfortably sitting. Tell him why he offended you. Listen to his loving explanation of why he did it. And forgive her. If a loved one is no longer in this world, use this dynamic to tell them what you want. Listen to their response. And say goodbye It will give unexplainable peace.

💜 In light of the short period of life we have, we only have time to live, enjoy and be happy.

Our companion death at any moment, unexpectedly, can take us in his arms. It is superfluous and useless to spend time thinking about the offenses of others. You can not get that luxury.

Natural : is natural to go through a period of mourning when forgiving, let your wound heal. Download (not to be mistaken for retaliation) with someone to let the pain flow.

I would urge to re-read this piece as many times as necessary and let the concepts start sowing seeds of consciousness within. Learning honestly from the mistakes made, promising oneself that you will not repeat it and returning to live A life …

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