Lord Krishna taught Arjuna about duty, valour and responsibility as a warrior. He expounded the truth about being a soul light and perceive others in a similar manner. He revealed his divine form for Arjuna to realise the existence of God inside a mortal human being. The Lord spoke about karma and how every action, even the small insignificant ones have a consequence in the larger trajectory of things. Arjuna understood and acted in good faith, but we do not believe in it and so we are where we started of- ignorant.

Buddha said, “ Do not kill any animal and eat it. Non-violence takes you closer to the Divine.” His followers misunderstood and interpreted the teaching wrongly. So Buddhists do consume meat of dead animals, because they didn’t kill them to eat. Restaurants in Thailand proudly display the board, “ Animals served here are dead ones, we do not kill them.” Imagine that! Men find a way out to satisfy their taste – buds. They bend the rule, sometimes break it, and call themselves Buddha followers but don’t believe in him and exhibit ignorance.

Mahavira had 12 dreams before he attained Kaivalya yet people don’t believe that dreams are an alternate reality in which we exist. Dreams have messages that can transform ones thinking and behaviour. Man continues to believe otherwise and remain ignorant.

Jesus was crucified to death by those who didn’t wish to believe that as you sow, so shall you reap.

Ramakrishna was diagnosed with cancer and Vivekanand asked his doctor who was an atheist to prescribe medication. When the doctor arrived, Vivekanand put a coin under Ramkrishna’s mattress and this created such discomfort that Ramkrishna could not feel restful. When the coin was removed, he felt better. Vivekanand told the doctor, ‘ Did you notice that my Guru has great aversion to money.’ The Doctor said, ‘ The restless ness is not due to the coin but his condition.’ This is how ignorant man is, great men and their ways are not respected, though after their death, they are immortalised. Months later when Ramakrishna died, Vivekanand asked the doctor who by then had become his disciple, ‘ Do you believe God exists?’ To this the doctor replied,’ God no longer exists, for He just died,” referring to Ramkrishna breathing his last.

What makes us wait to believe in the tenets of spiritual life? We continue to read and learn from the holy texts, attend spiritual classes and quote great saints, but when it comes to practicing the teachings with sincerity, we fail or give up.

Discipline and Persistence is lacking in most of us. The lockdown has given us an opportunity to learn both. Do not feign ignorance, instead recognise how you can get closer to the divine, rather than wait for the lockdown to open and return to the same old life.

Give yourself a chance to change !

Now !

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