I hear this often, my 92 year old Masi laments, “ God take me now, it’s enough.” My 86 year old uncle repeats, “ Old age is a curse.” Many people may feel that life is meaningless and they can exit. The problem is you can’t open the door as it locked from the outside. There are people who attempt suicide and survive, because it wasn’t their time to leave.

Death is predestined and this is the reason that you can’t make sense of it. It’s not that you are famous and so can live longer or rich and buy an elixir. Children die, who haven’t sinned, adolescents commit suicide, who have not much experience of life and adults throw themselves to the wolves because they feel ramshackled by expectations. Death can come at any time and age and we can’t even prepare for it. Nothing prepares us for this transition. No exam, test or course can prepare you for this eventuality.

In life I have learnt one important lesson. Live in the moment and make it the most memorable. Every day brings opportunities and encourages me to continue my learning. Learning anything that excites my brain lobes to discharge energy. Read or re-read some amazing quotes and feel it charging your cells. Speak positively to others, stroke others and self and by the time dusk falls, go home to your bed-side, pray and sleep.
Everyday, progress at a gingerly pace, some days jog while other days run. Nowadays I am running on the spot making the most of the lockdown. Books beckon me, writing excites me, viewing shows relaxes me, online work amazes me and novel ideas come to me. I am living in the here and now and it’s great. Everyday my material needs are decreasing and my involvement in ME is increasing. I am finding myself a very interesting person who is charged to teach, learn and grow with every passing day. A smile on my face and I bring a smile on the face of another and I live from dawn to dusk. The past and future are illusionary and I don’t think much about them. Death will come, when it has to, but it won’t rob me of my present.

There is death all around us, In the newspaper, on television, in the next building or possibly next door. It is happening to strangers, neighbours and friends. It’s happening everywhere and so each one will have to decide if they wish to think about it and get depressed or live through and everyday make amends. All those who wish to forgive, no better time than this. All those who wish to give up certain habits, they are lucky. If they, even now, don’t wake up, they never will !

Stop thinking about death and invest in LIFE!

I suggest to all – Make Today Memorable.

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