Buddha explained that there were three things that poisoned the Soul and they are:

“The ignorance”..

It leads us to hold on, to believe that we are masters of things and people, of work groups, of friends, of children, of couples, even of the places where we walk.

This is how our mind works. So holding on to everything.

Attachment generates jealousy, attacks on others for believing that they are going to take away what we “believe” is ours, because in reality, nothing belongs to us, we do not even own our body, because we have to leave it behind at the moment of death.

Attachment is a source of suffering because we ignore the 1st Great Noble Truth:
“Everything Is Impermanent” .. And if things are impermanent, what is the point of holding on to something that we are sure is going to go away?
Example: A marriage that ended long ago makes us suffer for years. You just have to accept that people have the right to change their minds.
Like ourselves: maybe we didn’t like something before and now we do, and we count it with amazement when we talk to friends. We say, “I didn’t like pizza before, and now I love it.”

Yes, people change in everything, attitudes, tastes, activities, opinions and love is not forever in some. When the person is suggested to let go of what was NEVER HIS, the feeling of well-being is indescribable.

Attachment is the main source of suffering and we will continue to analyze it.

Which leads to anger and hatred. Wanting something to not exist, wanting to remove something from our life is useless, because whatever you do, what bothers you is going to be there.

Perhaps that neighbor bothers us, but far from coming into conflict with that person, what we should do is find out why it bothers you so much? What things are you projecting into it that are yours? And those things of yours CANNOT BE ELIMINATED, you are going to have to learn to live with them.

Rejection is the other source of infinite suffering.

“The ignorance”
Ignore the universal laws. Not knowing that if you do damage, that damage that you do somehow will return to yourself.

Ignoring the law of karma, ignoring the three poisons of the soul, and generally not knowing the teachings, constitute a very powerful poison.

Many people think: “As that guy likes me, I’m going to hurt him”, he is actually signing his own sentence. That damage he does he will receive unfailingly.

“It is serene to remain fair and offer good deeds to others” ..

Let’s harmonize our essence !

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