Look at this incredible text by André Luiz, a psychography by Chico Xavier,

When one door closes, another opens; when one path ends, another begins … nothing is static in the Universe, everything moves non-stop and everything always changes for the better.

Get used to thinking this way: everything that arrives is good, everything that leaves too. It is the dance of life … dance it as it appears, without attachment or resistance.
Do not panic about diseases … they are alarm clocks, they have the mission to wake us up.

Otherwise, we would remain distracted by the seductions of the material world, forgetting what we came to do on this planet. The Universe sent us here for more important things than eating, sleeping, paying bills ….

We have come to realize the Divine in us. All inertia is a disservice to the Divine work. There is a world to be transformed, our role is to contribute to making it better than we found it.

We have the resources for that, just lack the will to serve God by serving men.

Do not say that people are difficult and that coexistence between human beings is impossible. Everyone is working hard to fulfill the mission entrusted to them.

If we are already firmer, be patient with your fellow travelers. Although the paths are different, we are all going in the same direction, looking for the same light.

And whenever impatience threatens your goodwill with the walk of a fellow man, exercise compassion. It will help you to realize that no one is actually standing in your way or wanting to harm you, just trying to be happy, just like you.

When we put ourselves in the place of the other, something very magical happens inside us: the heart opens, generosity settles inside it and from there comes an enormous understanding of the greater purpose of existence, which is the practice of LOVE. When we look at a person with the eyes of the heart, we perceive the kinship of our souls.

We are one energy, together we form an immense fabric of light. There are no physical distances. Quantum physics has already proved that it is all an illusion. We are interconnected by invisible threads that connect us to the Creator of Life. My sadness contaminates my neighbor’s well-being, just as my joy inspires someone on the other side of the world. It is impossible to hurt someone without being hurt too, let’s remember that.
The daily exercise of compassion makes us first-class human beings. “

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