The difference between #Religion and #Spirituality :-

Religion is not just one, there are many.
Spirituality is one.

Religion is for those who sleep.
Spirituality is for those who are awake.

Religion is for those who need someone to tell them what to do and want to be guided.
Spirituality is for those who pay attention to their inner voice.

Religion has a set of dogmatic rules.
Spirituality invites us to explore within and get attuned to the Universal Rules.

Religion threatens and frightens.
Spirituality gives inner #peace.

Religion speaks of sin and guilt.
Spirituality leads us on the path of emancipation.

Religion represses everything which it considers false.
Spirituality transcends everything, it brings us closer to our Truth !

Religion invents.
Spirituality helps us to #discover.

Religion does not tolerate any question.
Spirituality #encourages searching questions.

Religion is human. It is an organization with rules made by men.
Spirituality is #Divine, without human rules….leads us to the Causeless Cause!

Religion divides between us and them.
Spirituality unites.

Religion follows the concepts of a sacred book.
Spirituality seeks the sacred in all books.

Religion feeds on #fear.
Spirituality feeds on #trust and #faith.

Religion makes us to live in External Reality.
Spirituality lives in Inner Consciousness.

Religion deals with performing #rituals.
Spirituality has to do with the Inner Self.

Religion feeds on internal #ego.
Spirituality drives to transcend beyond self.

Religion makes us renounce the world to follow a #God.
Spirituality makes us live in God, without renouncing our existing lives.

Religion is a cult.
Spirituality is inner #meditation.

Religion fills us with dreams of glory in paradise.
Spirituality makes us live the glory and paradise on earth.

Religion lives in the past and in the #future.
Spirituality lives in the #present.

Religion creates cloisters in our #memory.
Spirituality liberates our #Consciousness.

We are not human beings, who go through a #spiritual experience…

We are….Spiritual beings, who go through a #human experience….

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