Corona virus just like H1N1 and SARS virus will soon be a thing of the past. Human beings are resilient when it comes to survival, rather than resistive to change. There have been pandemics before and man has survived its onslaught by coming together.

Just like the man on the surf board fearlessly manoeuvres the waves to reach the shore, we have to overcome our incessant fear of the worst.

The universal concept of ‘ Oneness’ is now becoming a reality for all of us. No longer are we divided in grief, instead the boundaries of selfishness and self-centred ness have broken to give way to togetherness. The subtle energy of the virus has united billions to fight for their life. Instead of fearing its wrath which is being hyped to a nuclear holocaust, look at it gently as a ‘wake up ‘ call.

The more man is divisive in nature, nature reciprocates with the same. The more man hurts, sabotages and attacks the very earth which nurtures, he will have to pay for his misdeeds. Man has awakened a ‘sleeping giant’ and is paying the price for it. A collective effort to harness our ‘ mothering’ instinct to help the virus to rest in its cradle can help human kind to survive.

Let us know that every time we abuse the environment, extinguish species and kill harmless animals to satisfy our gluttony, nature will attack in unfathomable ways. Man has to respect and honour the fact that the earth is a home to millions of species and learn to co-exist with them. When man refused to co-exist with man we had 9/11 which turned nations against each other. Back home we suffered the train blasts and Taj attacks. When eye for an eye becomes mans mantra, then the tiniest particle of consciousness turns to break mans resolve. As within, as without; as in, as out. We live in a mirrored existence and so we must change to expect one.

Let us not fight this consciousness, instead pray for its peace. Thank its presence, which will allow it to rest. I have always believed that nothing happens without a reason. The reason is always for my higher good. Thus, if this occurrence is for my betterment, then what is Corona indicating to me?

In the last week, nations are talking about health issues, diet and sanitisation rather than economy. Companies are looking at safety of employees than their financial losses. Schools and colleges are concerned about the health of their students than the exams and parents are expressing their love rather than worry about the marks. We are down to basics- love, health and happiness.

A nation that just a month ago was communally divided, is focusing on all it’s citizens as one. In the quarantine wards across the world, man is helping his coloured brothers. It does not matter whether he has worn a turban, grown a beard or covered herself with a hijab. Let us learn to live in peace with our differences instead of being at war with them.

The message of the corona virus is clear: ‘ Together we can survive, Divided we will fall. ’

Meditate for peace for all species.

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